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    The Process steps by steps

    Kick Off Meeting

    Day 1

    First we’ll meet to learn more about you so we can understand your unique goals and objectives.

    Data Gathering

    Day 2-14

    Following the initial meeting, we’ll request to collect the data we’ll need from you to develop your personal game plan.

    Confirm Data & Goals

    Day 15-28

    If necessary, we’ll meet again to clarify your current situation based on the data collected while reconfirming your goals.

    Game Plan Presentation

    Day 30

    Finally, we’ll present your plan and discuss our recommended strategies to be considered for implementation.

    Implement your plan

    Months 2-6

    Next will be to implement the plan recommendations that you’re interest in and make the most sense based on your goals and objectives.

    Ongoing Advice

    Months 6+

    If you choose to keep us engaged, we’ll help monitor your plan and make updates periodically based upon changes to overall goals, objectives and life changes.

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